Welcome to a world of sweets and treats: we’re always baking up new, fantastic flavors for our cupcakes.

  • Mini Cupcakes: $1.25 ( Mini cupcakes are made by order only; we request you order a minimum of 6 of each flavor. Please call 48 hours ahead.)

  • Standard Cupcakes $2.50

  • Premium Cupcakes $2.75 Cannoli, Chocolate cannoli, Pancake bacon, Cookie dough, Banana cream pie, and select seasonal specialties.

  • Gluten-Free Cupcakes: $3 Call ahead for today's flavors (732) 530-5700.

* /Stuffed- Magically stuffed cupcakes.

OO/ Order Only- Minimum of 6 per flavor when ordering. 

S/ Seasonal - Only available in season.